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May 23, 2009

Microsoft’s European VP for interactive entertainment, Chris Lewis, has said the battle between the PS3 and 360 in the US is over, with the company now focusing its attention on Europe

When asked if the battle between the PS3 and the 360 was now decided in the US, Lewis said Microsoft has “done the job we need to in North America”, and that the company would focus more effort on increasing the 360’s lead over the PS3 in Europe.

Lewis, speaking in an interview with 360 magazine, also admitted that Microsoft had made mistakes in its previous approach to the European videogame market, saying that a single marketing strategy couldn’t be applied to the whole continent.

“In the sunnier parts of Europe we did have relatively less success”

“It’s a very textured region,” said Lewis. “You’ve got places like the UK and the Nordic countries…where we’ve been able to apply our more North American approach to those markets with genuine success.”

“In the sunnier parts of Europe we did have relatively less success up until the last 12 months where I think we have better understood the need to go to those markets with more appropriate content,” he added.


April 14, 2009

Sony explains their LCD’s

Sharp and Pioneer have announced that they plan to merge their individual optical discs businesses into a single joint venture this October. Originally announced as part of Pioneer’s restructuring plan, the joint venture will allow the two companies to consolidate their technology in order to improve their products.

The move will benefit both companies as they fight to gain a leading position in the growing Blu-ray market. To date, the two companies have failed to maintain Blu-ray Disc player sales equivalent to leading rivals Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic, and they are hopeful that a joint venture will allow them to be more competitive.

Sharp is the largest shareholder of Pioneer stock at 14%.


April 14, 2009

I would do him!!!! Anyway guys i just came home from getting something to eat. I didn’t go and get that Java Chip Frapp. I decided i would wait and go to starbucks when it opens at 6 am. Anyway today my shift Carla gave me a MUG pin. It was so cool. I have about 8 now all together. She said that it has been a pleasure to work with me and that i rock!!! I think i left the inscription at work i hope i find it so i can post it on here.