Yankee Stadium Offers the Most Advanced High-Definition Display in Sports

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision™ Continues 25-Year Tradition in the Bronx

CYPRESS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Yankee Stadium will open its doors to excited fans on April 2 with its annual team workout. At this event the Yankees will unveil the most advanced, high-definition Diamond Vision™ display in center field.

This installation continues the long-standing relationship between the New York Yankees and Mitsubishi Electric, which in 1983 installed one of the first Diamond Vision™ video displays in Major League Baseball. (Mitsubishi Electric was the first company to introduce large-scale video display boards for the 1980 Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.)

Definitely not a “jumbotron” or mere scoreboard, the Yankees’ new Diamond Vision™ display blasts 1080 resolution from more than eight million LEDs (light-emitting diodes) for brilliant replays, updates from around the league and messaging.

Measuring 100-feet wide and nearly 60-feet tall, the Diamond Vision™ is longer than the distance between the bases, delivering 5,925 square-feet of high-definition display area and using 8,601,600 LED lamps with exceptional viewing angles that provide sharp images visible from nearly every seat in the ballpark. (By comparison, the scoreboard at the previous Yankee Stadium measured 24.9-feet by 32.8-feet with 486,400 LED lamps.)

The Yankees’ new Diamond Vision™ will be driven by Mitsubishi Electric’s state-of-the-art DSC2 digital display controller, providing picture-in-picture type technology with the flexibility to show one large 1080 HD image, or up to four simultaneous 1080 HD images.

About Diamond Vision™

Mitsubishi Electric, the Official Large Outdoor Video Display Provider of the PGA TOUR, was the first company to introduce large-scale video display boards in 1980. Since then, Mitsubishi Electric has been recognized as the leader in visually stunning displays for sports facilities, advertising, entertainment and commercial applications.

Diamond Vision™ Systems’ US operations are headquartered in Warrendale, Pa. Diamond Vision™ is a division of Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. For more information about Diamond Vision™, visit http://www.diamond-vision.com.

About the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision™ Display at Yankee Stadium

  • Width: 100.79 feet
  • Height: 58.79 feet
  • Total Display Area: 5,925 square-feet
  • Total LEDs: 8,601,600
  • Pixel-Pitch: AVL-ODQ8 with 8mm dot pitch
  • Video Source: 1080 HD
  • Content Management: Mitsubishi Electric DSC2 Digital HD Display Controller
  • Resolution: 1080 x 1920, plus an additional lower row of 48 pixels for messaging
  • Installation Start Date: Summer 2008
  • Installation Completion Date: March 2009