Beat Her Down’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, has requested a meeting with the judge in his assault case to discuss Rihanna’s possible silence in the court room.

Rihanna’s attorney, Donald Etra, is in agreement with the request, both lawyers believing that Rihanna’s position was compromised when her involvement in the case and other information leaked, and that she should no longer be subjected to public scrutiny.

Now i have seen it all. or heard it all. This queen goes back to this dude they record a duet and now she doesn’t want to see him go behind bars what is wrong with her?? It would serve both of them right if they never had a carrer again!!!!!

Oh and by the way i will no longer be reporting any thing on these two dumb asses they deserve each other!!!


According to Roseanne, Rihanna “thinks she has him right where she wants him now. His career is over, and he is working her to help him get it back. She thinks that since he needs her and has shown some contrition, that she can call the shots now. Violent people are control freaks, and she thinks she is in control right now. Violent couples also have passionate make up sex, and that keeps a lot of battered and beaten women hooked. Once she realizes that her fans and their parents are going to write her off completely and end her career as well as his if she stays with him, that might convince her not to do that.”


She adds, “Her publicists and agents and lawyers and producers are all telling her not to risk she and brown’s tandem endorsements (they don’t care if she lives or dies, as long as they get their money). She is being played and used and isolated from her father. Her greed and her participation in violence, plus not wanting to cross Diddy, who wants her to put her life on the line, are powerful lures to stay in hell with a monster. I hope she lets go of her need to control other people. I hope she thinks about the horrifying message she is sending to young women and young men. She will never survive choosing brown over her dad.”

Donald Thrump had this to say about Rihanna going back to Chris.   “She better get the hell out. If she goes back, she’s a loser, and she doesn’t deserve to have any future successes,” Donald shared with reporters. 0226_rihanna_npg_0004_022409j6_rihanna_npg_01_full

chris_brownWhat a douche bag. This dude wants to salvage his sinking carrer by co-writing a book with the woman he beat the hell out of Rihanna. They will go on a tour across American and speak about violence and domestic abuse. What a joke. To think that Rihanna has no self respect for her to be again with this dude is just plain sad!!!