March 7, 2009

64991671 61177567Hey people i am doing a Twilight giveaway. You can either win the 2 disc Special Edition DVD or The Special Edition Blu-Ray Version of the movie. In order for you to win you have to post comments as many as you can on any of my websites Of course the comments CANNOT be negative comments And Yes they have to be about ME since I am giving the movies away.. I will list them below and they are also to the right.

Now post as many comments as you can and please Put your name and email address that way i will be able to announce who the winner is of the Twilight Giveaway!!! The contest ends March 18 at 3 pm central time.

I will announce the winner on here and all my websites on March 19th and by email to the winner. I will be shipping these movies on March 21st!!!  Good Luck and Happy Commenting!!!LOL


and of course here