April 14, 2009

I would do him!!!! Anyway guys i just came home from getting something to eat. I didn’t go and get that Java Chip Frapp. I decided i would wait and go to starbucks when it opens at 6 am. Anyway today my shift Carla gave me a MUG pin. It was so cool. I have about 8 now all together. She said that it has been a pleasure to work with me and that i rock!!! I think i left the inscription at work i hope i find it so i can post it on here.


Ashleymadison.com, has offered cheating heart LeAnn Rimes a free lifetime membership to continue her indiscretions safely through the internet.

In their offer, the website said, “We feel confident that Leann will indeed find true love on our site OR at the very least, a fantastic one night stand.”wenn-leann-eric__opt02__opt11__opt


005001 Here we see Mark Walhberg picking up take out from Madeo in Beverly Hills.

Now normally i wouldn’t  report on something this small but Mark Walhberg is so hot and future husband!!!