As the pop star gets set to return home to perform two sold out shows in Los Angeles this week, a lawyer is trying to get her to court to testify in a case againt him.

Jon Eardley is the attorney who claims that Brit Brit hired him to try and undo her conservatorship. He’s filed legal papers demanding that Spears appear at a trial in which Eardley has been accused of harassing Britney and her family.

In the court docs, Eardley notes that Britney will be performing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on April 16 and 17. He says if she’s well enough to perform, she’s well enough to testify on two points — did she authorize Eardley to take legal action on her behalf and did Eardley really cause her “substantial emotional distress.”britney_spears_02_wenn23161


One of the biggest Britney Spears fansite has had to shut down temporarliy due to legal issues with Britney’s father Jamie. He feels that owner and webmaster Jordan Miller is making money off his daughter and we know jamie

wants to be the only one making money off her. Also Jordan Miller is very outspoken and tells it just how it is here is what Jordan had to say about all of this.

Dear BreatheHeavy readers,

I, Jordan Miller, Owner & Webmaster of and, want to thank you with all my heart for the loyalty and support you’ve shown over the last 5 years BreatheHeavy has been open.

We are all here for one purpose: to support the icon of our generation, Britney Spears, and to continuously stick by her through the good and bad.

I have been battling the conservatorship Britney is currently placed under for months now. When I did not conform to the requests and demands Britney’s management and father, Jamie Spears, recently put upon BreatheHeavy to stay quiet, they in turn became angry and malicious, launching, what I feel is an unjust attack, against me and my website.

As a result, I received a legal notice from Jamie Spears’ lawyers pressuring me to close by 3:00 p.m. PST today, March 27, 2009, or face an injunction, claiming they will pursue legal action by Jamie Spears, who, as a conservator, is legally allowed to act as Britney and sue using her money and lawyers.

“Britney doesn’t control her affairs,” said Brad Rose, the lawyer representing Britney in this case in a telephone conversation.

“You are an uber fan who’s gone a little too far.”

The legal notice states BreatheHeavy is not in compliance of Copyright Infringement laws, violating Britney’s rights of publicity and privacy:


“The Infringing Sites are replete with willful, unauthorized and unlawful use and/or exploitation of: (i) the copyrighted lyrics to songs written and/or recorded by Ms. Spears; (ii) Ms. Spears’s trademarked name, (iii) various video and audio recordings embodying the performances of Ms. Spears; and (iv) photographic images of Ms. Spears (owned or exclusively licensed to third parties by Ms. Spears).

The unauthorized use of these recordings, images, copyrighted works and trademarks constitutes actionable infringement under, inter alia, copyright and trademark law, and also violates Ms. Spears’s rights of publicity and privacy.”

“Ms. Spears will pursue damages and injunctive relief in connection with the blatant violation of her rights of publicity and privacy.”

The real issue, in my opinion, is hidden behind these Copyright Infringement claims, rather management, particularly her father / conservator, Jamie Spears, who makes $18,000 a month off his daughter, is desperately trying to hide the truth about Britney’s imprisonment, and shut anyone up who disagrees with their conniving and selfish exploitation of an innocent mother of 2 pushed back into the lime-light just several months after a hospitalization.

Another issue the lawyers claim aside from “Copyright Infringement,” is the use Britney’s trademarked name and image, stating I am not allowed to use her name or picture except for editorial and hard news purposes only.

Additionally, the Google and TicketMaster ads placed around the website are a “major issue,” stating I am using Britney’s name and image for financial gain without her consent. is a non-profitable website, meaning I, nor anyone, makes a PROFIT off the website. The ads used help the website remain self-sustainable, and if there is a profit made, the funds, in return, are used to purchase magazine scans and other materials needed for the website.

Am I crazy and naive for running a major website that leaves me in debt each month? Possibly, but BreatheHeavy is my passion, a creative outlet that has allowed me to grow as an individual.

Britney Spears is my inspiration; I can’t put a price on that.

Though I made very clear to the attorneys that BreatheHeavy is a non-profitable website, it is of no concern of theirs.

This entire site thrives because of YOU, the fans, who support Britney by buying tickets to her show, merchandise and music. Sadly, your hard-earned money that goes to supporting your favorite celebrity, is now money being used to potentially sue me, a major fan and supporter of Britney Spears, and hide fans from knowing the TRUTH.

This conservatorship Britney is placed under, which controls every aspect of her life, is now clenching the future of her biggest Fansite.

I’m prepared to fight, but I need to know that you guys are willing to fight with me.

I desperately need your help. costs a minimum of $350.00 a month to run. Because I am not allowed to use ads to run the website any longer, as I am “using Britney Spears’s image for financial profit,” I am asking readers to donate money until the situation has been handled.

Paypal email address:

Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but I know with the support of fans and readers, this unjust bullying will come to an end, and one day Jamie Spears’ reign over his daughter, her money, lawyers, career and life will cease.

Please understand this is NOT my decision, and I am being FORCED to take desperate measures in an effort to save this website and stand up for what is right.

BreatheHeavy will remain up in the air until a resolution with her management, lawyers and father has been reached, if ever.

“I will destroy your ass,” threatened Jamie Spears to me in a telephone conversation.

This is not the end.

Jordan Miller, Owner & Webmaster of BreatheHeavy.compicture-1

britneyspears Onstage at her “Circus” tour, Britney Spears is the boss. She wears a sexy ringmaster outfit and snaps a leather whip.

“This mama is in control,” she shouts at the audience.

When the house lights come up, it’s a different story. The 27-year-old singer’s life is controlled by her father and her affairs handled by a cadre of attorneys seemingly as numerous and indispensable as the backup dancers who surround Spears onstage.

At least 17 lawyers and firms have had a hand in Spears’ personal or business matters in the 14 months since a judge determined she was not competent to manage her life and multimillion-dollar music empire herself.

The legal work has not come cheap, according to court papers, including an accounting filed in Superior Court in Los Angeles on Monday. The singer’s estate or the trust that holds most of her assets paid at least $2.7 million in lawyers’ fees and costs, and probably much more, during the initial 11 months of the court-ordered conservatorship, the filings show. Many attorneys continue to work on the case, accruing additional fees that will be submitted for approval at a later date.

Attorneys contacted about their fees did not return calls or declined to comment.

The number of attorneys has been a source of amusement and criticism. At a recent court hearing, half a dozen attorneys representing the singer, her father and her estate formed a wall of gray flannel and banker’s boxes that obscured the audience’s view of the judge and prompted a puzzled opposing attorney to wonder aloud, “Which one of you am I supposed to talk to?”

Another opponent sniped then that “Miss Britney Spears is being bled dry by these proceedings.”

Retired probate judge Arnold Gold, who has not reviewed Spears’ case, said that although legal fees may sound large, many bills — such as those from divorce or entertainment attorneys — would be incurred whether the conservatorship was in place or not.

“The mere dollar amount doesn’t automatically mean it is inappropriate,” said Gold, who presided over the settling of Tupac Shakur’s estate. “It’s quite appropriate, particularly in the entertainment field, to incur and have to pay very, very, very sizable attorneys’ fees.”

In Monday’s filing, attorneys representing Spears’ father, Jamie, presented the bills — including theirs for more than $1 million — in the context of what they described as enormous personal and career strides by the singer, who was hospitalized twice for psychological problems before her father assumed oversight.


I love this song so you tell me guys what you guys think of the video!!!

Britney was set to make a comeback 3 years ago and that was a disaster. Now here this year she tries again and again it’s a disaster. She can’t move. She doesn’t dance. She just walks from point a to point b. She looks like she doesn’t know what she is doing. She can kiss her comeback goodbye. Now there is another video made by candies since Britney is now the new face of candies. In the candies video she looks good like she is back but by looking at other videos of her first concert in New orleans it looks just like last october she didn’t know what she was doing. I have posted the videos you be the judge. There are more videos of her concert but the embed has been disabled by most users.

Here is here in concert yesterday 3.3.09 in New Orleans