March 4, 2009

Here is some new music from Rupaul’s new album Champion and i must say this is a great song for any occasion. Rupaul has done it again. I have been listening to this song all day long!! Please support RuPaul.

And in other news for those of you who have been keeping watch or asking who will replace Adrian Garcia in the big chair at Houston City Council District H 2009?? We have a openly gay latin male by the name of James Partsch-Galvan who is poised to take that position and make Houston History on May 9th , 2009. James Partsch-Galvan has been making history all on his own by being advocate for freedom of speech and equal marriage rights for all americans and for the red light district. Not shying away from controversy James walks around with a Mariguana cap and necklace on and is a memeber of the Texas Normal Society. James is very outspoken and opininated fights for the underdog. For more on this controvercial candidate please visit his official campgain website at or you can also call him at 713-429-5158.


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