March 3, 2009

I remember when I first saw this and thought this is the piece that will re-energize Diana Ross’ acting career. An argument can be made that it is her best acting performance ever! even better than “Lady”. For the simple reason is that there was no singing, or music for that matter in this film. Diana had to draw on other things to pull this off. And pull it off she did.. Why she didn’t receive major accolades for this role is perplexing. Also this made for t.v movie has been locked in a vault somewhere for the last decade. I can’t recall ever seeing this replayed again on t.v. The subject matter is very serious and reaches millions of people. It was handle well and with integrity. And the lead performance was as strong as any seen on the small screen.. So why has this performance and film been socio overlooked over the years? Very disappointing… Now this review is not from me. It is from user yusef67 on www.imdb.com


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