March 1, 2009

There has been recent discussion of the exclusivity of Grand Theft Auto 5, regarding the statements Rockstar has made toward the Xbox 360. This is a two sided article formed by two different opinions on why Grand Theft Auto 5 will or will not be exclusive to the PS3.

Joseph DiGrado
Grand Theft Auto 4 was one of the best selling games in history. It had so much hype behind it that caused the game to do unmatched sales numbers. I think for Grand Theft Auto 5 to be exclusive to the PS3, Sony would have to sign an exclusive contract deal with Rockstar. For Rockstar to make Grand Theft Auto 5 a third party exclusive, would be the most foolish move to make, especially in the midst of a recession. Gran Theft Auto 5 should be multiplatform in my opinion because of all the extra money it would rack in and it would be available for most gamers (to those who own only one console). Anything can happen and I’m sure Rockstar will make a smart decision.

Nick McCandless
Although it has yet to be confirmed, I have a very good feeling that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3. The reason I think this will happen is because Rockstar stated awhile back that they did not like the storage limit for their game. They wanted to keep it on one disc, but to do this; they had to sacrifice much, according to Rockstar. They have also stated that they do not want to have such a small capacity with the next Grand Theft Auto. The second reason I feel Grand Theft Auto 5 will go exclusive is because Sony has stated that there is a Rockstar title coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3.

As you can see, it could end up going either way. It would be smart for them to keep it multiplatform so that they can make more profit, but Rockstar has stated that they do not like the small capacity that a DVD-9 is limited to. We will just have to wait and see what happens but either way, Grand Theft Auto 5 should be another masterpiece to the series.


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