March 1, 2009

It seems that Killzone 2 mania has reached fever pitch as the game has been selling quite well just from pre-orders alone. However, after a quick survey around the retail chains, it seems that the game is selling just as well from walk-in purchases. In fact, in some retail channels the game has completely sold out.

Killzone 2 is possibly one of the most anticipated shooters of this year and it is making massive waves. If you missed it, you can catch our review of the game right here. For those still sitting on the fence go ahead and download the demo off the PSN store and give it a shot.

It was announced that Europe alone had 1.1 million pre-orders for the game, which is phenomenal when you consider the fact that our brethrens across the pond really don’t care for pre-orders as much as we do. It is unknown exactly how many pre-orders were placed within the States. Sony has already revealed that Killzone 2 broke just about every pre-order record they have for first party games.

Since I have been playing the press copy, I was in no hurry to pick up my personal pre-ordered copy. Usually if I end up enjoying a game, I will go out and buy a personal copy to support the developers. I found out something interesting when I went to pickup my pre-order copy from Gamestop recently. The closest Gamestop to my house was completely sold out of Killzone 2.

I decided to call around to various locations and noticed that other local stores were sold out as well. I also called out to two local Target stores and they were completely sold out. Best Buy had two copies left and indicated a shipment will arrive by mid next week. Several of the Gamestop locations were close to being sold out as well.

It seems like Amazon UK was sold out at one point as well. Other gamers on the official PS3 forums have indicated that their local retailers across the States have sold out as well. As expected the game is selling well. However, the question remains – just how well is it selling?

The only way to find out is to wait for the official numbers from Sony. NPD numbers should be rolling out around the second week of next month to show figures for US only. Personally, I expect sales to be aligned to that of Metal Gear Solid 4 with around 3 million units sold during the launch window, eventually topping off around 5 million units sold.


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