March 1, 2009

Apple is planning on introducing a new feature to the iTunes music store – the iTunes Season Pass!

iTunes Pass will work similarly to the Season Pass feature in the television section of iTunes. Consumers will pay a flat price for a specific artist of their choosing and new releases, videos and other extras from the artist will be delivered to consumers over a designated period of time.

Depeche Mode will be the first group to use the iTunes Pass feature, “offering two exclusive singles to fans who sign up for the $19 bundle, which includes a pre-order for the album. The new album, Sounds of the Universe, will automatically appear in fans’ iTunes library when it comes out on April 21, as will a number of other new music and video titles.”

Sounds promising!

The new iTunes feature was created in hopes to improve full digital album sales vs. the more popular, yet less profitable digital single sales.

Other than Depeche Mode, two or three unnamed artists are planning in participating in the iTunes Pass program.

Wonder who!

Who would U like to see as an iTunes Pass artist or group???


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