February 28, 2009

“She’s had a appointments with us – from camera tests to fittings – that she just hasn’t shown up to and has been making herself unavailable,” a crew member tells us. “She and her mother [her manager] even had the audacity to request that wardrobe people go to her. We accommodated that request and she flaked on the meeting.”

How rude!

The film is going to be shooting in Atlanta and in various parts of France, and sources tells us that Heigl is “demanding to be flown by private plane and for crazy amounts of security.”

Uhm, seriously, who does she think she is????

“No one on the crew likes her,” an insider on Five Killers tells us.

A source close to Heigl places the blame on her mother/manager, however another industry source counters that she is responsible for her own destruction.

“She has a sense of entitlement that is really off-putting,” a source tells us. “Many directors that she’s worked with in the past DO NOT want to work with her again.”


Katherine wants desperately to get off Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy, and she’s publicly badmouthed Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up, which made her a box office star.


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